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The Banquet is the most celebrated form of a gastronomic event, usually mounted in honour of some grand event. It is often a wedding or anniversary. A Banquet is always organized this way: guests sit around decorated tables and the dishes are served to them. They are served by catering staff, who are still filling up their glasses and taking good care of them during the whole event. During the preparations, it is always important to think of the exact placement of guests around the tables. Festive decorations and high quality programmes will then create a memorable evening, ensuring very fond memories.

For a longer evening, there is the possibility of having a presenter, who will take care of the opening speech and an overall great atmosphere. Bohemia Party service can bring dynamics into your event and create a colourful image for your own programme, that will please your guests.


Our client's favourite types of banquets are:

  • Traditional Czech menu of 3 courses
  • International menu of 5 courses
  • Served lunch of 2 courses connected with a rout and/or cooking show