Barbecue party
garden party, routs, live cooking show

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Barbecue parties - garden parties -  are becomingl more and more popular in the Czech Republic. The best place for grilling is a private area, where we can set up a party tent in case of bad weather. Of course an area like that can also be rented, but a small garden or courtyard is also sufficient.

The most common ingredient for a BBQ party is meat of all kinds. Chicken thighs, steaks, pork chops and kebabs are great, but we also offer big pieces of meat - flank or flap steaks. Side dishes for grilling are, besides fresh pastries, salads of many kinds. During longer events we offer a salad snack bar, that represents many kinds of fresh vegetables, sauces, dressings, cheeses, olives and other kinds of ingredients, that will ensure the best taste for the guest's dish. A Barbecue party of course doesn't have to be connected only with meat. We also recommend vegetable sticks, bell peppers or corn with tofu.

Very common for barbecue is a cooking live show, where the food is prepared right in front of guests -  Spanish paella, Mexican dishes with beans and pork nebo, fast Chinese noodles. For lovers of fish and seafood we recommend sticks with prawns, grilled calamari, salmon…


Our client's favourite types of barbecue are:

  • Classic grilling
  • VIP barbecue with cocktails
  • American barbecue along with a burger show
  • Luxury rout along with flank & flap steak show
  • Fitness barbecue