Corporate events
parties, barbecues, coffeebreaks, work lunches, food delivery, gala events

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Catering services for a corporate event are a great way to freshen up formal and informal relationships between the employees and employer. It is also a way of bringing a creative atmosphere into a work environment. Catering is also very often utilised right in the headquarters of a company via a coffeebreak or work lunch. You can also go for catering if you are planning a presentation of your company in front of your new or old clients, or simply if you are launching a new product onto the market.
Corporate events rank into out proposal from our early beginning. We also offer the possibility of launching your event in a big way (ensuring an all-day programme, cooking demonstrations, adrenalin-fuelled activities and many others) or just partly (quality food delivered with or without our service). To the most-demanding clients we can offer activities such as glider flying, hovercraft races, minicars, motocars, segways... and that's not even a quarter of the many enjoyments that we can offer you. For the more economic budget, we offer activities such as eating donuts to time while blindfolded, hunting apples in a barrel, jumping in sacks or other funny disciplines. Very often, at the end of a corporate event there tends to be a prize draw with the possibility of winning an attractive award. In case there will be children at the party we can ensure: face-painting, bouncy castle, animals made out of balloons and other games.