Cooking show
accompanying programme for events , empowering the joy of every event – a true culinary experience: live cooking demonstrations

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We like to serve our clients with an uncommon sight. A Cooking Show is live show, where food is prepared in front of the guests. It is a great highlight of a programme and we guarantee that our cooking team will ensure the guests not only a perfect culinary experience, but also a lot useful of tips and tricks that can be used by guests at home. This show makes every event more memorable, but even though we recommend to rank this into a larger event, because of its great strength.


Our client's favourite types of cooking show are:

  • Paella show – the preparation of the well-known Spanish dish for up to 500 guests in a huge cauldron
  • Prague ham – Sliced Warm Prague ham
  • Tuna a la Marnier show – the preparation of delicious Tuna steaks
  • Chilli con carne show – Mexican cuisine via live cooking show for up to 500 guests using a huge pan
  • Flap and flank steak show – grilling of unusually big pieces of meat
  • Burger show – the guests choose their own burger from up to 20 different variants
  • Sushi show – a specialist in Japanese cuisine prepares Sushi right in front of the guests
  • Sushi workshop – the guests are taught how to prepare Sushi with a specialist in Japanese cuisine.