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Some engaged couples are very clear about what they want and some ask us what form of refreshment they should choose. A great form of an all-day wedding is morning welcome drink for guests, which usually takes place in the house of the bride - it is usually a variety of soft drinks or a toast, then mini sandwiches along with fruits and sweet desserts on the side. Most newlyweds prefer to choose a served lunch and then an afternoon or evening rout.

A wedding celebration can be arranged in a castle or in another rented venue, but most weddings are still arranged at home. A wedding in the garden along with a buffet in festive-decorated party tents is usually the most magical. A wedding as a happy celebration should be accompanied by very light, bright and optimistic tones and pastel colours. Flowers are the best way to decorate a wedding.
There tends to be one menu for all guests. If anyone is somehow disadvantaged (gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant etc.), it is absolutely certain that Bohemia Party Service will ensure a special course for him or her. These guests will be marked in the seating plan and the service will bring them special dishes to their places.
Weddings and music are inseperable. It is very enjoyable, if even during the wedding reception there are gentle strains of music. Gradually, during the day, newlyweds can choose what they would like to hear. We very often recommend reproduced music during the day and a live band in the evening.

Our client's most favourite types of wedding refreshment are:

  • Festive toast with a little refreshment in cocktail type
  • Served lunch of 3 courses
  • Served lunch of 5 courses
  • Classic rout
  • Luxury rout in international style with a live cooking show
  • American barbecue – wedding party in lightweight style
  • A combination of traditional wedding reception with later rout and grilling