The quality of our cuisine is strictly monitored by the company founder and well-recognized chef René Spiegl, who is an expert with many years experience abroad. These days, he leads a team of young cooks, which ensures the best quality of our food. All prepared dishes along with desserts are made by us with the utmost care, in the light of modern trends of current gastronomy and knowledge of foreign culinary traditions.


Czech cuisine is based on Austrian cuisine. Our chef René Spiegl gained experience himself in Austria and that's exactly why we achieve such perfect results, ensuring your satisfaction. The Czech menu is usually chosen for the traditional occasions, such as weddings. Some of the Czech dishes, such as schnitzels or beef goulash will be doubtless appreciated by any guest at our event.

  • Cooking show: Paring of warm Prague ham, served with apple horseradish and Czech Šumava - region bread


It is a typical Austrian menu, where you can find fresh spreads, roasted meat, pickled vegetables and specific salads. Along with this menu, we recommend our clients partake of Austrian wines from our selection.


Dishes from Spain, France, Italy and other countries are prepared to the highest quality thanks to original ingredients and traditional processes. With us, you have the opportunity to taste homemade foie gras with raspberry coulis, watch the live preparation of Spanish paella or have a taste of tiramisu, created from the original recipe. For bigger events, we recommend having our live cooking show.

  • Cooking show: Paella show –guests can watch the preparation of this traditional Spanish dish (up to 500 guests)


Asian cuisine is definitely connected with fish, seafood, rice and vegetables. A new spectre of flavours is created because of typical spices, ingredients and special preparation processes. Our team will enable the guests to see inside Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisine. If you would like to include in your menu our live cooking show, we surely recommend The Sushi Show, which is a firm favourite.

  • Cooking show: Sushi Show – a specialist in Japanese cuisine prepares different types of  Sushi right in front of guests


American cuisine offers a vast amount of different types of burgers, grilled steaks and vegetable salads, but it also brings us many new tastes. We will be honoured to show you a typically Mexican dish - chilli con carne or a light starter - vegetable crudité. Even here, we recommend inclusing an American cooking show into your menu, which will make your long-planned event even more memorable.

  • Cooking show: Flap and flank steak show – grilling pieces of meat up to 1 meter, subsequently carved by our chefs


If you are interested in having a cooking show for your own party, we recommend you to check this link for a better description and other types of our celebrated cooking shows.